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Home Blog : Norwegian Football Academy organizes football in Manglerudhallen in winter (18-22 February)

NFA organizes tradition football schools in the winter – spring – and summer vacations. Autumn and winter in the Valhall Arena / Manglerudhallen, in summer looking at Bryn in Oslo for players aged 8-12 years. We guarantee stable built-in værfohold Vallhall / Manglerudhallen in winter and autumn holidays. The contents of football is based on the top European Academy of the principles with much reason technical training, as well as coordination and motor skills with competent and mature NFA coaches.

Each day has its own issues:

– development of technical basic skills (passing, receiving / medtak, routing)

– be a smarter player (playing understanding, correct choices, Perception)

– act quickly (run fast and perceive, react, choose and act quickly )

– become a better defender (duels and break passes)

– be a better attacker / exit (fakes, dribbles and shots)

The Program is challenging and demanding and requires motivation for football and desire for further learning and development. We aim that NFAs football schools should be a place to learn and not just be, of course, in combination with having fun.

Next football held next winter, 18-22 February for players born from 2001 to 2005 in the Manglerudhallen, at 9-15. The price is NOK 1750, – and 50% reduction. Regular program of healthy football lunch, experienced instructors; guarantee of stable weather and pitch conditions! We will be in the hall from at 0830 and approximately at 1530 whether it is necessary to deliver and retrieve the bit before and after football, for instance in connection with work.

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