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Norsk Fotballakademi

Norsk Fotballakademi was established November 30, 2005 and is registered in ‹‹Brønnøysundregisteret›› as a private limited company.

The academy is run as an independent alternative to Norwegian club football, giving children and youth with genuine football interests broader and more customized training services, beyond what is being offered by the clubs. The football academy is a service for players motivated to pursue a career in football, and who wants to learn and further develop their skills as a football player, both on and off the field.

The first practices started back in February 2006, and just like back then, practices are today offered straight after school.

Practices from October until May are held at a turf field in Valhall Arena (Oslo, by Valle Hovin), while from May till June, and in September, the practices are held at Bjørnegård (by Sandvika) and Bryn Kunstgress in Oslo.

NFA also holds football schools during school holidays in the fall, the winter and the summer. The football schools take place in Valhall Arena. For further info, click on the page ‹‹Football schools››.

The company Norsk Fotballakademi is established and operated by:

Terje Lübeck – Academy manager: Terje has Norwegian A, B and C (Coach II)-level of coaching courses, and several years of experience in coaching kids and youth. He has also played as a lower-league footballer for many years.

Thierry Kopp – Head Coach: Thierry is French, and a former professional fotballer. He is a certified physical trainer from European higher education, and is also a nutrition advisor for athletes. Thierry has great experience from being a vital part of the establishment of football academies.

Our goals

The football academy emphasizes quality in specially, customized training with qualified coaches in good training facilities. ‹‹Norsk Fotballakademi›› is built on the same principles as the academies in the top French and European clubs.

The football academy greatly emphasizes the development of the human motor- and technical skills of players in a specific age group. This age group, also known as ‹‹the golden age››, includes kids ranging from 8 till 12 years. The football academy’s goal is to exploit the opportunities to magnify these players’ development by providing the right training, in a playful and positive setting.

Our goal is to provide the players with a service focusing on:

– developing technical skills, as well as human motor- and coordination skills
– developing tactical skills as a team
– developing further desire and motivation to become better football players
– developing a positive and healthy mind-set

All the above is of course in combination of having fun playing football!

Our Norwegian banking info:

Bank: DnB Nor

Account number: 5081.06.06964