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Coaching courses

Norsk Fotballakademis dissemination of training methods and programs

Norsk Fotballakademi are coaching children aged 8-12 by the same principles used in the renowned French football academies. This way of training is different from the traditional methods used here in Norway. NFA’s training is emphasizing on this age group’s development of human motor and technical footballing skills. The age from 8-12 is also characterized as the “golden age”, which implies that with the right training this gives an opportunity to magnify these players’ development in a playful and positive setting.

Norsk Fotballakademi also offers to convey its training methods and principles to other interested parties (clubs, coaches and other interested). In a three-hour course, split into one theoretical part and one practical part, the following is included:

The content of the French method

  • Why this method?
  • What results can be documented? (From Norsk Fotballakademi, amongst others)

And more on:

  • Children’s physical and mental development
  • How to contribute to developing children in a healthy and sensible way
  • What can children bear in terms of physical training/strain
  • How do we deal with repetitive strain injuries for children

There is also a seminar planned exclusively for the last bullet points.

Display training methods / exercises, adapted to particular age groups, including:
•How to develop motor skills with proper training tools
•Examples of exercises that develop technical skills
•How to get younger players to understand teamwork and passing
Thierry Kopp – Head Coach:

Associate professor and physical trainer from the University of Strasbourg and the University of Lyon, France. Thierry has specialized in human motor development and nutrition, and has vast experiences from different football academies and clubs, in addition to teaching at the University of Strasbourg. Thierry has also a background as a professional footballer. He has responsibility for a football academy in Ivory Coast (same type of training as NFA) that saw its team for players aged 16 win Norway Cup.

Terje Lübeck – Academy manager:

Terje has Norwegian A and B-level coaching as well as experience in coaching younger teams for several years. Terje was raised and trained using the Norwegian model of coaching, both as a player and coach, providing him with a solid platform to measure the different methods and ways of training against each other.

Norsk Fotballakademi will customize the courses on request. Remuneration is determined by appointment.